PreLoved Caravan Awnings




Our passion for caravanning started whilst growing up, enjoying family stays away during holiday times.  Such fond memories continued as our passion grew when we first met, both enjoying caravanning, we now have our own family enjoying different parts of the country and meeting like minded people. Such a great community be involved with.

A family run business started after turning our passion for caravanning into something we could do fulltime. With over 30 years experience we have now been supplying awnings and accessories for much of this time. With over 100 quality used awnings in stock we will have something for everyone. We can also source a specific awning for you, just use the contact us link on our page with your request.

 We take pride in the awnings and accessory items we have supplied, ensuring you get the right awning for your needs.

 We offer a Part Exchange Service and Purchase Direct Service, amongst quality used & new accessories.  If you have an awning you would like to part exchange, give us a call to make an appointment to bring it in and have it valued against another one. Or take advantage of our courier service if you’re too far to visit.

 If you are unsure which awning is the correct size for your caravan, or which is suitable for your needs please do contact us for help and guidance. We use several Manufacturer sources to check size suitability for your caravan as general advice can be unclear and conflicting.